Mozilla Festival Wrangler

I have been part of the Mozilla Festival team of wranglers for two years. This means I get to work in a global team for 9 months in a federated design framework where we curate sessions and create stories to promote a unique experience to participants.
This helps me change things because it makes me practice EDI strategies to create a welcoming environment both within the wranglers team and for participants and facilitators. It also gives me the opportunity to design spaces of discussion in a global event, which is a great way to highlight unprivileged voices.

Crowd in the Mozilla Festival 2018, seen from above. In the bottom center we can see Foxy, the mascot.
#PublishYourReview Ambassador

This is an ASAPbio initiative to encourage peer reviewers to publish their reviews alongside the preprint of an article. I have been promoting peer-review of preprints since 2018, when I signed as a beta-tester of PREreview, and it has been a very enriching experience. Both activities help me change the academic publication environment by empowering early career researchers as reviewers, promoting the use and dissemination of preprints, and endorsing the value of the "publish, review, curate" model of publication.

Open Leadership

Since 2017 I have been involved with the open leadership movement. I was part of the 5th and 6th cohorts of the Mozilla Open Leaders, and now I am a mentor and expert on the Open Life Sciences and Open Hardware Makers programs.
These activities has helped change things because I learned to fuel and promote the power of the community. Many open science principles I practice today came from my open leadership traning, and they resonate in the welcoming and safe environments I try to create.

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